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" 45% of business leaders make strategic decisions based on instinct at the expense of data "
Analyze your data from a performance perspective
Reveal new revenue opportunities
Better understand the environment and the market
Identify and anticipate obstacles
Provide an overview of the business
Extract performance indicators (KPIs)
Stay ahead of the competition
Accelerate the decision making process
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Prioritization of risks and opportunities
Analysis of tasks & behaviors Understanding of related tools and actions to the functions of employees Simplification of tasks Improved communication intra-company Reduced risk of error Time saving & productivity

Data visualization

Data Literacy
Spread the understanding and use of data
Giving meaning to increase performance
Adapt tools to people

« Leaders need to inspire their
employees with the humility to put the insights first. »


Threat detection
System security audit
Vulnerability management
Penetration test
Best practice awareness


Our Specialties

Data insight

Uncover opportunities in real time, based on your everyday data collection (HR, Accounting, Warehouse softwares)

Business strategy

Design a clear set of plans and actions in strategic fields (Marketing, Sales, Productivity) to reach goals and stay ahead of competition.


Test the vulnerability of your infrastructure (Website, Data hosting, ...) to prevent malicious actions.

People Counting System

From retail stores to airports we offer a comprehensive understanding of consumer activities and behaviour.

Digital transformation

We help public organization and private company to embark in the process of digital transformation and internal productivity improvement.

Digital tourism strategy

We help you implement the best tools to define and manage your overall operations (PMS, Channel manager, Tourist tax...)

process optimization

Eliminate time and resource wastage, unnecessary costs, bottlenecks, and mistakes while respecting the process objective.


From data skill building to fostering a culture of data literacy in your organization. Improve decision-making skills by learning to ask the right questions from your data.

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